Parker Peru

Web Development
Parker Peru 2023
The ecommerce platform for the globally renowned pen brand "Parker" in Peru was a demanding project that required the development of unique and customized features, including bespoke zonification for local requirements, specialized payment features, and other personalized integrations to comply with local laws and regulations. Our team accomplished this task by utilizing PrestaShop 8 and building custom modules from scratch, completing the website within a strict timeline of four months. The resulting website is a seamless and secure online shopping experience, which demonstrates our commitment to delivering bespoke and high-quality solutions to our clients' unique needs.

Ecommerce Development

Our approach was PrestaShop 8, we created bespoke modules from scratch to ensure that the platform was delivered within a strict timeline of four months. We are proud that we could offer Parker a seamless and secure online shopping experience. Our success showcases our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with bespoke and high-quality solutions that cater to their distinctive requirements.

Cloud Infrastructure

Parker has chosen to self-manage their cloud infrastructure due to their specific protocols and requirements. Amazon Web Services have been chosen as their primary provider, and the invoicing services have been integrated into the website with adherence to the highest web security standards within the industry. The cloud architecture also boasts auto-balancing features, ensuring optimal uptime and reliability to customers. An added advantage is the speed at which the website operates, which can be attributed to the top optimization developed specifically for PrestaShop, combined with accelerators provided by AWS.

Technical Support

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive package of monthly support services to our esteemed clients at Parker. Our services include efficient email management, expert advice on email marketing strategies, and marketing support to optimize key performance indicators such as Google Analytics, Google Ads and Meta Business.

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