Navas Website

Web Development
Navas Multiservices 2023
Navas is a reputable multiservices provider based in Miami, Florida. Our mission was to elevate their online presence by showcasing their exceptional level of professionalism through a revamped website. In order to achieve this, we aimed to enhance the user experience and enable clients to easily access and engage with their services. We created individual pages for each service offered by Navas. This allows users to easily navigate and find the services that are specifically tailored to their needs. With this new user flow, Navas can now offer a seamless online experience that complements their exemplary level of service and expertise.


Designed with a dynamic layout that employs images of different shapes to draw users' attention to the services offered. With a wide range of services on offer, a flexible shape was needed that would be suitable for various scenarios. This design decision helps to make the website more engaging for users, encouraging them to explore the different services on offer. The images used are carefully selected to represent the different types of services, providing visual cues for users who may be interested in a particular category. Overall, the approach taken to the Navas Multiservices website UI serves to improve the user experience, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

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