In our mind, there are numerous areas responsible for what we refer as an emotion; collectively, these regions comprise the emotional system. Don Norman proposes the emotional system consists of three different, yet interconected levels, each of which influences our experience of the world in a particular way. These levels are called Visceral, behavioral and reflective processing. Collectively, they determine how we feel when interacting with an object.

Visceral Design:

Visceral Design is essencially dealing with supperficial qualities or instantly perceptible characteristics of the product. In order to capture your potential users “or customers” attention, you must tap into their visceral level of cognetive processing. At this level, the perceptible qualities of the product- primary the physical appareance, but whenever possible, this also includes the auditory, haptic, smell and taste information.

Visceral processing is an unconscious event, which allow us to make judgments instantly.

Our initial reactions or visceral responses are based on the look (colors, shapes, feel and how pleasant, sturdy or responsive something feels)

Before stimulating some emotion response in your potential customer, you must first get their attention. It does not matter how functional, practical, effective and efficient your product is; if its perceptible characteristics fail to stand out, they will go unnoticed.

You must stablish what your product represents and whom you want to appeal to, and determinate how is best to demostrate the qualities and benefits associated to owning and using your product.

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